Architecture 3D


Undoubtedly it is a fact that the children today are acquainted with all types of tech and utilize it every possible where. Education has managed to move on from books and pen to interactive techniques which explains why it generates perfect sense to implement virtual reality as among the several types of technology to be able to educate tomorrow’s technological elite. By making field trips and simulations of complicated concepts accessible to folks of all ages, virtual reality will make cognitive learning faster, more efficient and efficient.


Virtual The reality is ready to alter the face area of architecture. The advantages which computers and 3D imaging brought to the field are sure to pale in comparison to what VR is bringing to the industry. Computer-generated images are, in lots of ways, an updated version of the hand-drawn renderings of the past. VR takes viewing models to a complete new level. While some type of computer built 3D rendering can only create a precise look of the building, VR however, takes this a big step of progress by allowing an individual to walk through and see each detail. Many companies have started using the technology to offer their properties since it saves the full time of potential buyer’s site visit.

But as I said earlier, the potential of VR can’t be limited to some boundaries. So, these were just some of the areas where Virtual The reality is defining new heights but there are lots of more applications with this technology. Keep reading to know how different companies are approaching this tech and revolutionising the ways.
SpectraVR is a digital reality media production and technology startup, the initial in this space in India, founded by a very experienced team of media and technology experts. We create the very best 360 degree experiences using the latest 360° camera techniques and software capabilities. We were founded on the passion to push the limits of 360° film making and to awe people with amazing full scope images. The team of SpectraVR features a long and in-depth experience of online media production and technology. In wide selection from full feature films to tv-commercials, SpectraVR can deliver quality on every platform. Specialized in story telling, our background is principally focused on extreme sports, travel, food, & music – combining our passion with work. We work closely with our clients to create innovative 360 degree experiences and enable them to inform their story in an immersive, fun and engaging way.


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